During the Pandemic our choir is not performing during services. We have beautiful organ music by Tom Kennedy and Barton Snedaker often sings a solo. The Zion Parish likes to sing. Currently, the congregation, masked and appropriately separated, is valiantly singing. We are searching for ways for our choir to sing together again and to bring music to the extended parish.

Tom Kennedy – Zion Organist

Tom Kennedy came to Zion in August as the Chief Organist. Bob Evans, the Music Director, will continue to play occasionally. Tom is from Norwich. He started to play the piano at eight under the tutelage of the organist at St. Bartholomew’s in Norwich. When he was eleven she...
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At Easter, Ta’Nika and Aaron Cooker Sang for Zion

The Pandemic had closed the church. There would be no choir. There would be no celebratory singing of the congregation. We were all hunkered down in our homes. Deacon Norman talked to us via YouTube. Ta’Nika and Aaron performed Panis Angelicus as an Easter offering....
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Good Friday, 2020 at Zion

Ta’Nika Gibson, actress, singer, and friend of Zion Church, was weathering the Coronavirus pandemic with her family in the Beautiful Butternut Valley that she calls home. When asked if she would sing for for us on Good Friday and Easter, she resoundingly replied...
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